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Two years ago I went to Bristol on a Saturday during the summer. Here are some of the photos I took on that day. This day was also not too long before Wessex stopped operating, so I was able to get a few photos of their vehicles.

First West of England’s YX66 WLG seen on route 48A to UWE.
First West of England YX66 WKN on route 49 into the City Centre.
First West of England WR03 ZBC 32291 seen outside Temple Meads on the X39 to Bath.
First West of England 33939 YX66 WEF on the Brislington Park and Ride outside Temple Meads.
First West of England 66937 WX55 UAD seen outside Temple Meads on route 178.
Rotala Wessex LJ53 NHU seen outside Temple Meads.
First West of England WX54 XDK outside Temple Meads.
Rotala Wessex BX58 AOZ seen outside Temple Meads. This bus is now with Rotala Diamond in Reddich, and was new to Rotala Diamond’s Tividale depot.
ABus YG02 FWB on route 349 to Keynsham outside Temple Meads.

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