Review - Studio Polygon Lite

Must Have




The Studio Polygon Lite is an extremely accurate rendition of the Wright Streetlite vehicle, a common site across the UK, for the OMSI Bus Simulator. It features multiple lengths of vehicle, as well as LHD and RHD versions. In addition, it features multiple different features available via setvars (for example, different seat models) which makes it extremely realistic when it is used with different liveries for different areas in the UK.


The model is of extremely high quality, and it is an fantastic in game recreation of the real life Wright Streetlite Vehicle. When played on UK maps, it fits in perfectly as it looks just as a Streetlite does in reality. The model itself is smooth and high fidelity. You can definitely get some real life looking screenshots when playing the game using this DLC.


The textures are realistic and implemented in a way that gives the user a great experience. They are high quality and make the vehicle a pleasure to drive.


The DLC comes with different engine types: Daimler and Cummins. These both have unique sounds that sound like the real thing. Both interior and exterior sounds have a good sense of realism, and cockpit sounds such as indicator ticks are just as they should be.


The Studio Polygon Lite offers multiple length and engine options, which offers a brilliant sense of realism - as the vehicle it is based on offers these lengths and engine options. In addition, depending on whether you play with LHD or RHD, you will get a different dashboard - either the standard Wright style dashboard or a VDV Dashboard.

As for performance, the DLC offers a brilliant experience. You feel like you're on a real Streetlite vehicle when you are driving in game due to this, as performance is similar to the real life vehicle.

Conclusion & Rating

If you haven't already purchased this DLC, I would highly recommend that you do. If you play on UK maps, it is a must have. Both as AI and as a player driven vehicle it can increase the realism on UK maps set in the current timeframe - especially given how common this vehicle is in real life with operators such as First Group and Arriva.

Rating: 10/10


Studio Polygon Lite - Diamond Livery Studio Polygon Lite Interior